board committees & policies

The Company has established a number of committees of the board. The committee members with links to relevant charters, polices or documents are provided below. 

Board Charter

Audit Committee

Kent Britton, BA Economics, Chair 
Cliff Wiebe
Luard Manning, P.Eng.

Audit Committee Charter

Compensation Committee

John O'Donnell, LLB, Chair   
Paul Teodorovici
Cliff Wiebe

Compensation Committee Charter

Corporate Governance & Disclosure Committee

John O'Donnell,  LLB, Chair 
Edward L. Ellwood, MBA
Eric Plexman, Corporate Secretary

Corporate Governance Committee Charter

Disclosure Policy

Statement of Corporate Governance Disclosure

Health, Safety & Environment Committee

Ken Briton, BA Economics, Chair  
Edward L. Ellwood, MBA
Richard C. Capps, PhD

Health, Safety & Environment Committee Charter

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